Slim Drinks

LoCa Punch

The LoCa Lab have put together another Summer treat for you to enjoy with friends and family. The ingredients are simple and we have put together a short video on our LoCa Bev - Minus 33 Facebook Page to show you how easy this delicious concoction is to make at home. 

All you need is:

250ml Minus 33

250ml Pineapple Juice

250ml Orange Juice

50ml Lime Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup

1 Nutmeg

1 Pineapple

1 Pitcher

1 Bag Ice




1) Add 50ml Lime Juice into the pitcher

2) Add 20ml Sugar Syrup

3) Add 250ml Minus 33

4) Add 250ml Pineapple Juice

5) Add 250ml Orange Juice

6) Grate 1/3 Nutmeg into the pitcher

7) Add a few Pineapple slices to the pitcher

8) Add some ice

9) Stir & Enjoy!



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33 Summer Cup

A perfect complement to the hot weather. If you like Pimms, you'll love this.
Light, refreshing and full of fruit - what better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or bbq?


25ml Minus 33
25ml Green Tea & Agave Mix 
Fruit A medley of whatever you can get your hands on
Mint Spanked, of course
Soda Water

Calories: 77 

To make the green tea mix, add some green tea and allow to cool, add 1 part Agave / Sugar Syrup for every 1.5 parts of tea. Allow to cool.

Grab a high ball glass, fill with ice, add the Minus 33 followed by the Green Tea mix. Fill the glass with fruit and spank a few leaves of mint (to extract the flavour) and place on top. Top the glass with soda water, add a straw and enjoy!


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Bunny Ears Cocktail

Spring has sprung and we've been getting our shades out and picnic hampers ready.

This cocktail is one for the bitter fans, grapefruit and Campari work with Minus 33 to bring a sharp citrusy flavour. But if sharp isn't for you, or if you don't like grapefruit, we've come up with a great substitute for you, just see below.

At 120 calories a glass, this cocktail not only is light, 'springy' and refreshing, it is low calorie too. Bring on the sunshine!


(Serves Four)

350mls red or pink grapefruit juice (use pomegranate juice if you prefer sweet over bitter)

350mls low calorie lemonade or use soda water if you like it really bitter! 

120mls Gin

30mls Tablespoons Campari

Ice cubes

Grapefruit or apple wedges for the ears


  1. Stir grapefruit juice, lemonade, gin and Campari together in a pitcher
  2. Fill 4 glasses with ice and top with the cocktail mixture. Cut an angled slice into the fruit then slide onto glass to create the ears

121 calories


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England 3+3 Nations Cocktail

Strawberries and Cream

When thinking of an English themed cocktail, we tried to imagine English cuisine. If there is one thing that the English do well, it is a posh dessert, hence why we chose strawberries and cream as our inspiration. With a half Scottish, Irishman and an Englishman in the office, it's been a tense few weeks.  The 'anyone but England' mentality from one-half of the office has been countered by showboating and classic 'English smugness' on the other half.  The fixture vs Ireland is too tough to call, so we'll leave it to you to decide!

As for the cocktail, we have managed to encapsulate the very essence of being English, and it tastes delicious.
25ml of Minus 33
150ml of Single Cream
25ml of Strawberry Liqueur
Handful of crushed ice

  1. Fill a large tumbler glass with crushed ice.
  2. Pour in Minus 33 and the single cream.
  3. Bleed the liqueur over the top.
  4. Celebrate the inevitable win of the Six Nations trophy. Apparently, the other Home Unions will only congratulate us as long as we don't brag about it too much.
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Let the Gin Meet the Guinness

The Ginness

St Patrick's Day Cocktail

For St Patrick's Day, we wanted to make something that was truly mind-blowing.

The cocktail we present today is truly unique. In our experiments, we tinkered with the idea of creating something green, but we didn't want our cocktail to fall into the background. We needed something that stood out in both profile and taste yet also screamed Ireland.

We left this job to Matthew, our half Irish geek - St Patrick's day for him is important for a lot of reasons, but the key one being bringing his family all together and celebrating their heritage and faith.  What he concocted was the Ginness!

Yes, you read that right; essentially Gin (not just any gin mind, Minus 33 of course) and Guinness. Now, I know what you're thinking some things should never be mixed, and we'll admit, we were sceptical on this one however, this cocktail blew our minds - it is DELICIOUS.

As we did with the Minus 33 recipe, we even ran it by countless people, to make sure we weren't alone - and people loved it.  If you like Gin and you like Guinness, heck, even if you don't, you HAVE to try this one (disclaimer* it does look a bit like a vodka coke though)

After tasting it and realising that it actually tastes pretty good, your next question may be, but why?

Our answer to that is simple - for the craic, why else?! We both like gin and we both like Guinness, so we thought, why not? It also gave us an excuse to drink Minus 33 and Guinness in the office while we were 'working'.  The end result was even better than we could have imagined!

If you feel like kicking back and starting your St Paddy's Day off right this Friday, have a taste of our Ginness cocktail below:


What you will need:

50ml of Minus 33

100ml tonic water

200ml Guinness

Ice cubes

Lime wedge for garnish



  1. In a tall hi-ball glass, place the ice cubes in.
  2. Pour Minus 33 and tonic over the ice.
  3. Stir for a few seconds with a long spoon
  4. Slowly pour the Guinness over the Minus 33 mixture.
  5. Add the 'green' lime wedge as garnish.


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