33 Summer Cup

A perfect complement to the hot weather. If you like Pimms, you'll love this.
Light, refreshing and full of fruit - what better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or bbq?


25ml Minus 33
25ml Green Tea & Agave Mix 
Fruit A medley of whatever you can get your hands on
Mint Spanked, of course
Soda Water

Calories: 77 

To make the green tea mix, add some green tea and allow to cool, add 1 part Agave / Sugar Syrup for every 1.5 parts of tea. Allow to cool.

Grab a high ball glass, fill with ice, add the Minus 33 followed by the Green Tea mix. Fill the glass with fruit and spank a few leaves of mint (to extract the flavour) and place on top. Top the glass with soda water, add a straw and enjoy!


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