Scotland 3+3 Nations Cocktail

The Blue Warrior

With Scotland being our base, we had to do our best to get this one right.  We have to admit, we slipped a little as calories went completely out the window!  After all, you burn around 800 calories a game, so after all that exercise who really is counting?


50ml of Minus 33

50ml Of Blue curacao

25ml of single cream

Crushed ice


  1. Fill tall hi-ball glass with crushed ice about two-thirds of the way up
  2. Very slowly pour the Blue curacao over the crushed ice
  3. Then again slowly do the same with the measure of Minus 33
  4. Slowly pour the cream over, this should create a layered effect
  5. Put your Scotland jersey on and prepare for inevitably a nail-biting final 10 minutes
  6. Best enjoyed quickly as the cream will eventually set 

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