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The Beast From the East, Duvet Forts and Snow Days

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It's feeling Minus 33 outside and frankly, when it comes to the snow, as Brits, we tend to do two things:

1) Complain that our country isn't better prepared to deal with 'a little snow'

2) Look out the window, decide that injury or even death at the hands of an inch of snow isn't worth the risk of going outside and voila, you now have yourself a Snow Day.

We have this conspiracy theory, that secretly, we don't want the council and government to improve our snow preparations because if they did we'd all have to go to work. An unwritten code, that we all sign up to ensure we can all milk that one snow day a year.
We all work too hard and so the odd snow day here and there allows us to tuck up on the sofa, wrap ourselves in a duvet with the heating on and 'work' from home.

We say embrace it! Turn your email notifications off, put some crappy daytime TV on, (who knows you may discover you do have some cash in the attic) and just treat yourself to a relaxing day because the other 365 days you work hard enough.

Snow Days when we were at school were great.  But snow days with alcohol are much better.  That said why not unleash your inner child, mix building a strong duvet fort (follow the link for expert fort building tips) with the added grown-up benefits of being able to drink while you do.

To help you relax, we're dusting off a Christmas favourite of ours, the Mulled Cocktail.

Simple to make, and only requires a few basic ingredients. Make your Snow Day Extra Special.


Minus 33

Cloudy Apple Juice

1 Lemon

Orange Peel

Cinnamon Sticks

Calories: 134

Pour a litre of apple juice into a pan with the juice of a lemon, throw in one-quarter of an orange peel and a cinnamon stick.  Simmer on a low-medium heat and bring to boil.

Once piping hot, remove the pan and pour a measure or two of Minus 33 into a mug.  (Do not boil the spirit with the other ingredients, the alcohol will evaporate and where is the fun in that!?).  Pour 25ml Minus 33 into a mug and then add 200ml of hot concoction, throw in a thin slice of lemon as a garnish and enjoy with friends.

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