World Gin Day Giveaway

Get Summer Ready with Minus 33

Over here at the LoCa Lab, we've been busy wondering how we could reward you for your ongoing support. After a late evening with a (few) 33&Ts in hand, we realised that tonic was just the tonic!

There is some context to this, recently, our very own Proprietor/Geek, Sam, managed to injure himself and is now on crutches for the next three months. With a sob story strong enough to win X-Factor, our very own lab technician, low on tonic found getting down to the local corner shop, for a top up, to be a quite the struggle.

So for the whole month, we are making life really simple for you: When you order a case of Minus 33, you'll receive a case of 24 Fever Tree Tonic bottles, on us. We've stocked up on both regular and naturally light varieties.

Not only that, each bottle in the case comes with our slick packaging, so are a great gift, whether it's a birthday present or just something to turn up to a friend's house with.

And if that wasn't enough, for every case we sell, we will make a £10 donation to the British Red Cross. The Red Cross provide wheelchairs when the NHS are unable to, while our boy is fine to hobble around on crutches, there are many who struggle to carry out day to day tasks while recovering from an injury. Not only that the Red Cross have been providing vital support in the aftermath of the recent tragic events that have taken place in Manchester and London.

Not after a case? We'll still make a donation for every individual bottle we sell too.

Get some Minus 33, Get some Free Tonic and do some Good.
Enjoy World Gin Day and remember to experiment responsibly.

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Our Easter Egg Hunt

This week in the lab we have been looking to concoct a way of celebrating the start of Spring. After a lot of reminiscing about easter eggs, hot cross buns, arts and crafts and having scrolled through dozens of bunny puns, we decided to bring back the joys of a good, old-fashioned, egg hunt by creating our own.


Details of the experiment follow:

Aim: To find a fun way to celebrate the later sunsets, the warmer weather and Easter

Method:  We've hidden an easter egg in one of our bottle packs of Minus 33

Result: Somebunny will find said egg and we will reward them with a private Minus 33 tasting for 10. Whether you are in Rosyth, Torquay, Brussels or Mars, we will get Sam, well stocked with Minus 33 and other cocktails over to yours for an afternoon of fun, laughs and of course cocktail bliss.

Start your egg hunt here and don't forget to try out our latest Easter Cocktail.

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3+3 Nations Cocktail


Crouch. Bind. Set. Some of you may understand what I am getting at here. For those of you that don't, this is what the referee in a rugby game says to initiate a scrum. A scrum is essentially a show of strength. It involves the strongest players of each team locking horns and crashing their bodies into each other.

You are probably already aware, the Six Nations tournament is in full swing and for myself, as a Scot, I was more relieved than amazed that we won on the opening day and didn't manage to capitulate when the pressure started to build. And relief we have in abundance - at Minus 33, we wanted to ‘try’ and see if we could present the six nations in a way that rugby and non-rugby fans could appreciate. We knew there was only one thing for it. We hit the bar and created cocktails.

We have done our usual experimenting and been working hard (cocktail tasting is an exhausting task that requires dedication, and expert hand–eye co-ordination in order not to spill a drop).  Our aim; to create six fantastic Minus 33 based cocktails that represent the respective countries either visually or culturally and the best bit is that they are all incredibly easy to make. So easy, you could probably make all six during the half-time of a rugby match.  

Each week, we will be releasing two recipes for two drinks and just like the scrum, we will be pitting them against each other in a competition to find out who is the strongest.

This is where we need your input. Each Friday, on our Facebook page, we will release two drinks based on the upcoming match on the weekend. We will then ask you to select your winner. If the team that you have picked happens to win on the weekend, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw. The winner will receive an exclusive prize from us here, at Minus 33. (I wonder what that might include…)

Our first duel is between Scotland and Wales on the 25th February so watch out for a post on Friday the 24th February for a look at our exclusive cocktails and be in with a chance of winning an amazing prize.

 Matthew B

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Good things come to those who wait

We've Sold Out!


Science has spoken, and the results suggest, good things do come to those who wait. Check out more on the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment here.

For those of you short on time, the gist of the experiment was, that they'd offer children a small instant reward or a larger reward if they waited 15 minutes.  They were then left unattended.  Some ate the instant reward others waited for the bigger prize.  The study went on to demonstrate those who were happier waiting, tended to have better life outcomes.

So why is this appropriate today, well we are out of stock, we sold our last few bottles earlier this week and now have none left! Our last batch sold a lot quicker than expected and as a result, has shunted our production schedule causing a bit of a ‘hiccup’ on the supply side.

As you can imagine, it’s quite a frustrating position to be in and we hate to keep people waiting, but don’t worry, we have more of your favourite low calorie gin booked in for production very soon and are hoping to have a mini batch ready by the end of next week.

Now if we follow the marshmallow experiment method, there has to be a reward for delayed gratification for the experiment to work. So, in line with science, and in a rare move, we have discounted our bottles for anyone looking to pre-order some. Place your order today and you are guaranteed to not miss out on the next batch and we promise to have your order with you the second we have more stock.

Now I have no idea how, as a child, I would have reacted, but I can be quite impatient at times and so apart of me thinks I wouldn't have waited, the other part hopes a younger version of me was more patient and calm.  

The experiment we've set today is to see whether Minus 33 lovers are in fact the group with 'better life outcomes' or not.  The good news, is you get to control your own fate on this one.

P.S. It’s worth noting that there are 23 calories in a standard marshmallow. Exactly half the amount of calories in a shot of Minus 33. Coincidence? we think not. And frankly, when it comes down to the choice between 2 marshmallows or a Minus 33 G&T with a slim line tonic – we know which one we would prefer.  The latter comes with a nice wedge of orange too, which clearly counts as part of your 5 a day.

Pre-order here

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Flower Power - That Little White Sachet

What the juice is in that sachet?

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it something you’d find in your grandma’s underwear drawer? Wait, what!?! No, no and a resounding NO to all the above.

Despite it’s rather alternative appearance, that little white sachet is actually the best way to deliver our fresh little gift to you. Yes, gift, we are nice like that. Free delivery, (check) cool packaging (check) and now a little gift?( Check)  We like going the extra mile, it's in our veins (along with that healthy dose of Minus 33 we consumed earlier).

So what is this gift and how do you use it?

Inside the sachet is a handful of dried hibiscus petals. 

Geek alert: Hibiscus (/hᵻˈbɪskəs/ or /haɪˈbɪskəs/) is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. (Yes we stole that from Wikipedia)

Now some of you may be familiar with hibiscus in syrup, used to add some colour and sweetness to champagne/ prosecco. The idea behind our inclusion of this sachet in each pack is not too dissimilar....

Where possible, we love to jazz up our drinks with simple, natural add-ons and a 33 & T should be no different. Just add one or two petals to your low-calorie gin and tonic to bring a nice rich, wholly natural, pink colour to your marvellous creation. It works with a variety of cocktails too.


Does it change the flavour?

As part of a cocktail it won’t have much effect, in strong concentrations it can add a surprisingly pleasant sour flavour, but unless you let it steep in just the spirit, by itself, it shouldn’t change the taste of your drink. So use it sparingly after adding your mixer.

What more can you tell us about Hibsicus?

Not only does it add to the visual appeal of a cocktail, Hibiscus is reported to have health benefits as well. We’ll leave those claims to the doctors and researchers, after all, we are adding it to alcohol - so we can't take the medical high ground here. But everything from lowering blood pressure, to aiding weight loss and potential anti-cancer properties ( have been linked with this awesome flower. 

All we know is it looks great! So next time add a sprinkle and enjoy.

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