3+3 Nations Cocktail


Crouch. Bind. Set. Some of you may understand what I am getting at here. For those of you that don't, this is what the referee in a rugby game says to initiate a scrum. A scrum is essentially a show of strength. It involves the strongest players of each team locking horns and crashing their bodies into each other.

You are probably already aware, the Six Nations tournament is in full swing and for myself, as a Scot, I was more relieved than amazed that we won on the opening day and didn't manage to capitulate when the pressure started to build. And relief we have in abundance - at Minus 33, we wanted to ‘try’ and see if we could present the six nations in a way that rugby and non-rugby fans could appreciate. We knew there was only one thing for it. We hit the bar and created cocktails.

We have done our usual experimenting and been working hard (cocktail tasting is an exhausting task that requires dedication, and expert hand–eye co-ordination in order not to spill a drop).  Our aim; to create six fantastic Minus 33 based cocktails that represent the respective countries either visually or culturally and the best bit is that they are all incredibly easy to make. So easy, you could probably make all six during the half-time of a rugby match.  

Each week, we will be releasing two recipes for two drinks and just like the scrum, we will be pitting them against each other in a competition to find out who is the strongest.

This is where we need your input. Each Friday, on our Facebook page, we will release two drinks based on the upcoming match on the weekend. We will then ask you to select your winner. If the team that you have picked happens to win on the weekend, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw. The winner will receive an exclusive prize from us here, at Minus 33. (I wonder what that might include…)

Our first duel is between Scotland and Wales on the 25th February so watch out for a post on Friday the 24th February for a look at our exclusive cocktails and be in with a chance of winning an amazing prize.

 Matthew B

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