Good things come to those who wait

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Science has spoken, and the results suggest, good things do come to those who wait. Check out more on the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment here.

For those of you short on time, the gist of the experiment was, that they'd offer children a small instant reward or a larger reward if they waited 15 minutes.  They were then left unattended.  Some ate the instant reward others waited for the bigger prize.  The study went on to demonstrate those who were happier waiting, tended to have better life outcomes.

So why is this appropriate today, well we are out of stock, we sold our last few bottles earlier this week and now have none left! Our last batch sold a lot quicker than expected and as a result, has shunted our production schedule causing a bit of a ‘hiccup’ on the supply side.

As you can imagine, it’s quite a frustrating position to be in and we hate to keep people waiting, but don’t worry, we have more of your favourite low calorie gin booked in for production very soon and are hoping to have a mini batch ready by the end of next week.

Now if we follow the marshmallow experiment method, there has to be a reward for delayed gratification for the experiment to work. So, in line with science, and in a rare move, we have discounted our bottles for anyone looking to pre-order some. Place your order today and you are guaranteed to not miss out on the next batch and we promise to have your order with you the second we have more stock.

Now I have no idea how, as a child, I would have reacted, but I can be quite impatient at times and so apart of me thinks I wouldn't have waited, the other part hopes a younger version of me was more patient and calm.  

The experiment we've set today is to see whether Minus 33 lovers are in fact the group with 'better life outcomes' or not.  The good news, is you get to control your own fate on this one.

P.S. It’s worth noting that there are 23 calories in a standard marshmallow. Exactly half the amount of calories in a shot of Minus 33. Coincidence? we think not. And frankly, when it comes down to the choice between 2 marshmallows or a Minus 33 G&T with a slim line tonic – we know which one we would prefer.  The latter comes with a nice wedge of orange too, which clearly counts as part of your 5 a day.

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