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Mother's Ruin for Mother's Day

Mother's Ruin? Gin? Nah! 

Treat the hands that raise your with a glass of our finest this Mother's Day!

If I didn't succeed at being my mum's ruin, then gin definitely doesn't stand a chance. Gin, sweet, and filled with sugar* and spice and all that is nice. Dryer than my sense of humour and lighter than my chubby post natal frame.

Mum's are the best and we are always reminded at this time of year that some of us no longer have ours around. Nothing beats quality time at home with mum, but knowing you, we know you're going to lavish her with gifts and cards.

So to free up your time, so that you can spend more time with your mum, we have put together some great poems that you can put in this year's card.  Better still, why not have us do it!?

With a special message included as standard, we can take make your life easy and ensure your mum get's rewarded with a drink that probably helped her get through all your mischief! 


*not in the case of Minus 33

Here are a few poems the lab geeks came up with:

You've cared for me
since the day that I flew in,
So today we celebrate
with a bottle of Mother's Ruin

We may have been tearaways
We may have treated your house like a zoo
But this weekend we’ll celebrate
With a toast to me and you

We’ve all had one
Some of us have two
It's easy to think we're talking about gin
After all that we've put you, through

Being your child
Meant living a life filled with fun
Here is some gin
To apologise for being a pain in the...

Treat your Mum this Weekend!

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