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A Pink Drink to Make You Clink

After too many hours in the lab, I'm finally delighted to introduce the new member of the family; Rosé Minus 33 Pink Gin.

Since launch, I've been dying to put some new recipes and designs into action, but being a small business, prioritising the day to day means that sometimes the innovation is pushed to the back of the queue.

Not anymore. Rosé is here.

Our new limited batch 'pink gin' is made by taking the original Minus 33 recipe and infusing it with fresh rose and hibiscus petals. Not only do they add colour, but the floral notes are more obvious on the nose and the final product is sweeter with a slightly peppery finish.

It is gorgeous and tastes delicious. Works well with lemonade and a slice of lemon, but can also be enjoyed with tonic or neat over ice. Give it a try and let us know what you think, I only managed to make a few bottles and I am unsure when we will next be able to do a batch, so hurry if you want one!

The bottle comes in the regular bottle pack and makes for a great gift.

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