Terms and Conditions Blah Blah Blah

We hate rules!

We think they limit creativity, stifle progress and depersonalise individuals.

After all Minus 33 wouldn't have existed if we stuck within the rules when we were making it.

Some rules are valid, like the ones that keep us and others around us safe. But sometimes common sense should prevail.

To stop rogue agents Facebook has imposed some rules on competitions. We are not rogue agents. We are lab coat wearing gin geeks of integrity. We say as we do and we do as we say.

But we need to keep our social media overlords happy so to that effect, we run the odd competition which involves giving out the odd bottle of Minus 33 usually with some quirky gifts to go along with it. Enter our competition and we'll stick your name in a lab beaker. If your name is chosen, you win the prize. Simple. 

Get, involved and enjoy! 


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