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The Chubby Person’s Guide to Drinking!

What to Drink When Dieting

It’s official, I’m a Chubber. I’ve known this unofficially for a while, but my recent BMI results indicate that livestock scales are more appropriate for me than human ones. At least the wait to see a vet is shorter than for my local GP….

With so much advice of what to (and what not to) eat – there isn’t too much clear advice on how to get tipsy on a diet (I think the correct term for us chubbers is ‘jolly’) without breaking the scales. So here it is, the gospel in all it’s glory.

First Some Key Facts:

  • A gram of pure alcohol has almost double the calories as a gram of sugar - a nightmare for your diet!
  • Your Skinny B*tch Cocktail (vodka soda & lime) may not be that skinny (it also tastes horrific and is dryer than a stale cheese cracker)
  • Wine is the devil – 214 calories in a large glass
  • Beer is the devil too – 180 calories in a pint
  • Gin Liqueurs, by law, must have as much sugar as full fat coke!
  • You get more units of alcohol for less calories with spirits
  • Spirits are your friend but some are better than others.
  • Some spirit (e.g. vodka) manufacturers add sugar to make them taste smoother/sweeter.
  • London Dry Gins have rules restricting sugar usage.
  • Gin is one of the best spirits – 150 calories in a double with tonic
  • Using a light mixer makes a massive difference over time - 112 in a slim double G&T - 92 if you use MINUS 33 ;-) 
    (38 calories difference might not seem like a lot, but over the course of an evening you can save yourself 200-300 calories)

Double Gins are always better than Double Chins

So here is a guide on what to drink:

  • Opt for spirits with low cal mixers. Don’t fancy a diet coke? Try a light tonic, or low/no sugar lemonade. There are plenty of flavoured tonics and mixers out there that are low cal and really tasty.
  • If you are going for wine, once you’ve ordered the first round of bottles - start ordering by the glass. Yes, it may be more expensive, however over consumption of anything is why we put on weight. Ordering the extra bottle means you feel compelled to finish it – and those wine calories add up fast.
  • Avoid alcopops like the plague – a spirit with a low cal mixer will taste just as good, won’t leave your tongue green and your head won’t hurt as much the following morning
  • Use liqueurs sparingly. Of course, have fun - a dash with some fizz or even a small Bailey’s won’t kill you as long as it’s on a special occasion and not the norm.
  • When it comes to cocktails, let the bartender know you want something without too much sugar or syrup. They’re pros at using natural ingredients to make great tasting cocktails. For example, using a mint green tea in a cocktail can bring a lot of sweetness and is naturally calorie free!
  • The lower the ABV the better. Alcohol is worse than sugar! Obviously, you want to have a good time, but you won’t tell the difference between 4 glasses of a 12% wine and a 15% bottle, but your waist will. Same applies to beer and spirits. ABV is only a sign of ‘quality’ at the bottom end of the price scale.
  • Do a pub crawl - yes! Rather than staying put at one venue, stretch the legs between drinks and get moving. Burn of some of those cals and try somewhere new. #winwin

Minus 33

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