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The Experi'MENTAL' Mind

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are launching The Experimental Mind Campaign.

The Experimental Mind

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are launching our Experimental Series.

Mental Health awareness shouldn’t be limited to one week and so we have decided to commit to a programme of events across the year, that promote experimenting with different techniques and activities that have been proven to promote wellbeing and improved mental health. With so much out there, it is key to find techniques that work for you and our goal is to provide exposure to as much as possible.

A key part of this focus is on our trade friends who are forced to endure anti-social hours with, at times, anti-social people. Those whose jobs are based on selling an actual depressant!! It’s no wonder so many issues persist. But change is coming and we’re looking to do our bit to help facilitate that. The challenges a job behind the bar can bring can only really be understood by those working in those roles and so we are looking to reach out to experts, many with hospitality experience, who can provide top quality advice, tips and instruction into how we can all do more to improve our mental health and support others around us.

Not only are we looking to host events, drop ins and vlogs – we are also looking for you to engage with us and more importantly with each other. So, this is also a call to arms to those with good ideas, with mental health training and volunteers/ambassadors to come forward and join us as we make a stand for improved mental health in an industry where mental health problems are rife and increasing. Whether you are an individual, a venue, an organisation, a drink’s brand, we want to hear your ideas and work together to actually improve the ecosystem and not just talk about it.

Mental health is a serious topic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or void of colour. Promoting good mental health should be fun and exciting and we’re looking to take the science, condense it and make it more accessible and in doing so promote a healthier environment in an increasingly challenging industry.

Join Us

For the last few weeks we have been planning some exciting activities.
Coming up:

Tips from a Mental Health Pro

‘A Day in the Life of’

Yoga Brunch

Drop In Clinics

The Trade Olympics

Mental Health First Aid

Contact us on: experimental@locabev.co.uk

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