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Isolate and chill


LoCa Bev presents MINUS 33

It’s not quite “gin”...

Created, innovated and distilled in Edinburgh.
Minus 33 - a low calorie, low ABV (33%)
juniper distilled spirit that promises
uncompromising quality. As a result, it’s not quite “gin”,
it’s something better. 

 Saves up to of the Calories! 

Some gin servings can
have up to 70 calories whereas,
with Minus 33, there are 
46 calories per serving!
For those who are looking for a
less calorific drink or to reduce
their units of alcohol- this is for you! 

Reduced units of alcohol 

Why a lower ABV alternative? 
1. Reduced units of alcohol
2. Less chance of a sore head
    3. A good excuse to have that extra drink (!) 
Sounds like a Win Win.... 

Keep Your Spirits Up! 

Now offering 25% off on our website.
Support your LoCa(l) business
whilst staying safe and hydrated at home!
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