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Top 5 trendy bars in Edinburgh

Looking for a new bar to sip the night away? We have the answer to your prayers! Edinburgh is bursting with a number of bars and (believe me) we understand it’s overwhelming to decide where to go next. To celebrate London Fashion week, we have carefully selected our top 5 fashionable Edinburgh bars just for you, to stay on trend! 

Your Instagram stories are going to look soooooooo this season! Get yourself to these bars asap to discover the unique, immersive experience bars our amazing city has to offer. Disclaimer: don’t blame us for spending all your pennies and for the hangover!

1. The Garden 

A botanical paradise serving cocktails, hot toddies and spritzers. Filled with plants, hanging baskets and fairy lights, this really is a magical place to sit back and relax. We recommend the “Butterfly kiss” cocktail! This location really gives a garden party vibe, utter bliss!

Location: Kimpton Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square.

2. Nor'loft

A new bar in town with some of the best views of Edinburgh’s skyline from the 7th floor rooftop Champagne lounge. This bar captivates Scottish heritage and is becoming a staple bar in the heart of the city with its extensive menu of gins, wines and of course champagne. We recommend trying the “Nor’ Royale” cocktail and like to refer to this one as a “Boujee bramble”!

Location: 6, Market Street Hotel.

3. Tattu

Of course we had to include the bar that is definitely on trend, with its stunning cherry blossom themed interior, its fastly proving to be a very fashionable bar in Edinburgh. They have many unique cocktails with the “Skull Candy"  cocktail proving to be an Instagram sensation with the dry ice and skull glass presentation. This definitely is a place to please the eye and taste buds, it's so trendy that you have to book very much in advance to get a spot! Get booking!

Location: 18 West Register Street.


4. Hoot the Redeemer

Picture yourself in New Orleans in the 1950s at a funfair and this is what Hoot the Reedemer is like. The not so secret bar is underground with many quirky features, such as an arcade grabber machine and extracts from fifty shades of grey in the toilets. They even do gin flavoured ice cream! Count us in, with extra scoops please! Highly recommend choosing a cocktail from the grabber machine, it’s an absolute hoot!

Location: 7 Hanover Street.


5. Voyage of Buck

Known for its rare and twisted cocktails, their menu is themed around the voyage to 4 different countries. This bar is so trendy that they have ducks in their lights and ball pit balls in the tables, ever so hipster! The menu is extensive, therefore a difficult choice in selecting but a firm favourite of ours is the “Berber daisy” cocktail. Voyage yourself here, immediately!

Location: 29-31 William Street

Darling, it's fashion!
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