The Science Behind the Hang

Hangovers have been around since the dawn of alcohol but the best scientists have still yet to get to the bottom of hangovers. Minus 33 delves into the science behind hangovers to try and find some answers for you.
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The Experi'MENTAL' Mind

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are launching The Experimental Mind Campaign.  (Powered by Minus 33) We are looking to engage and work with the hospitality sector to encourage best practice when addressing mental health issues and challenges facing those who work with and around alcohol.
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Mother's Ruin for Mother's Day

Mother's Ruin? Gin? Nah! 

Treat the hands that raise your with a glass of our finest this Mother's Day!

If I didn't succeed at being my mum's ruin, then gin definitely doesn't stand a chance. Gin, sweet, and filled with sugar* and spice and all that is nice. Dryer than my sense of humour and lighter than my chubby post natal frame.

Mum's are the best and we are always reminded at this time of year that some of us no longer have ours around. Nothing beats quality time at home with mum, but knowing you, we know you're going to lavish her with gifts and cards.

So to free up your time, so that you can spend more time with your mum, we have put together some great poems that you can put in this year's card.  Better still, why not have us do it!?

With a special message included as standard, we can take make your life easy and ensure your mum get's rewarded with a drink that probably helped her get through all your mischief! 


*not in the case of Minus 33

Here are a few poems the lab geeks came up with:

You've cared for me
since the day that I flew in,
So today we celebrate
with a bottle of Mother's Ruin

We may have been tearaways
We may have treated your house like a zoo
But this weekend we’ll celebrate
With a toast to me and you

We’ve all had one
Some of us have two
It's easy to think we're talking about gin
After all that we've put you, through

Being your child
Meant living a life filled with fun
Here is some gin
To apologise for being a pain in the...

Treat your Mum this Weekend!

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Terms and Conditions Blah Blah Blah

We hate rules!

We think they limit creativity, stifle progress and depersonalise individuals.

After all Minus 33 wouldn't have existed if we stuck within the rules when we were making it.

Some rules are valid, like the ones that keep us and others around us safe. But sometimes common sense should prevail.

To stop rogue agents Facebook has imposed some rules on competitions. We are not rogue agents. We are lab coat wearing gin geeks of integrity. We say as we do and we do as we say.

But we need to keep our social media overlords happy so to that effect, we run the odd competition which involves giving out the odd bottle of Minus 33 usually with some quirky gifts to go along with it. Enter our competition and we'll stick your name in a lab beaker. If your name is chosen, you win the prize. Simple. 

Get, involved and enjoy! 


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Top Ten+ Bars For The Fringe Festival

Hello and welcome to our very biased list of venues you should check out during the festival here in Edinburgh over the month of August.  With so many great bars in Edinburgh, we thought we'd focus on a mixed selection of some of our favourites from across the city that stock our low calorie gin that's not a gin.


Every year droves of people descend on the city to bask in all things creative so why not try a spirit that has creativity at its heart? Better still; why not try it in an amazing venue while soaking up the electric atmosphere. The good news is that this August is set to be a scorcher so keep cool and quench that thirst at one of the following venues:

56 North
Our first ever customer and one of Edinburgh’s most prominent and established gin bars. They (James and his merry team of stunning helpers) were doing gin ‘before it was cool’ and are situated right next to George Square, the main hub of the festival, why not pop in and get them to serve you a Minus 33, elderflower tonic with some hibiscus petals. This year they have partnered up with Tanqueray to create the fantastic Secret Gin Garden. They also have a fantastic terrace up front so if the sun is out, get be sure to get the Minus 33’s out!

Paradise Palms
The atmosphere here is electric. If you are looking for a great venue, where you can dance to the early hours of the morn look no further! Facing Bristo Square it is ideally situated for a post-show drink/rave. The venue is casual and the bar staff are phenomenally talented. A must visit for all you late night party animals. Try a Minus 33 with ginger ale and orange for something a bit more tangy and unusual.

One Square – The Sheraton
Situated just off Festival Square, if you are after a 5 Star experience, with great service, knowledgeable staff and comfortable armchairs, make sure you choose One Square.  Manager Alessandro, (aka Italian heartthrob) makes a delicious, refreshing Minus 33 Martini here, very dry, with a twist of lemon. Ciao.


A popular one with the ladies. If you are looking for a glamourous night out and an excuse to wear your fanciest attire, head on down to Tigerlily. Perfect if you are looking to attend a show at the Assembly Rooms or in and around George Street. The bar team here, led by Andy can shake up any cocktail your heart desires.  Our recommendation – the new 33˚C cocktail. They never disappoint.

Juniper, located inside the Royal British Hotel is the perfect pit stop after getting off a train to Waverly. The food is to die for and we have two features on their cocktail menu. The perfect serve and their foxy ‘Basil Brush’ cocktail which uses Blueberry infused Minus 33.  With wonderful views of the castle and the old town, treat all your senses with a trip to this fantastic venue.

Gin 71
Tea room by day, gin palace by night.  If you fancy a more relaxed drink, this table service only venue will ensure your inner gin princess/prince is pampered like the gin aristocracy you are.  A build your own menu, allows you to create a g&t just how you like it. Pick the tonic and garnish to go with your Minus 33 – we suggest a light tonic, and some orange and hibiscus.

Boozy Cow
Located in a snazzy venue below Frederick Street, Boozy Cow is a must visit after battling the crowds on Princes Street. They’ve got a great food menu and their staff can put together some great classics (using Minus 33 of course) which will have your mooing with delight.  

Jolly Botanist
Our favourite bar near Haymarket, the selection of gins here is fantastic and it’s a favourite among the locals.  It might take the most part of a year to get through their selection, but it’s well worth the time invested.

Run by Hickory Bars, situated in the beautiful surroundings of George Heriot's School, one of the older buildings in Edinburgh with one of the better views of the castle you’d do well to enjoy your cocktails rubbing shoulders with some familiar faces in this kid friendly venue.

The Royal Dick
Once the Small Animal Hospital of the Dick Vet School, this bar, is the centre point of Summerhall.  Great place to visit pre and post show and there is a distillery (not ours) in the grounds too.  So a lot to see and do, and more importantly, some great tasting drinks from some very experienced staff.

And finally the Pop Ups
Paolozzi at The Arches
Our history with Solid Liquids goes back to day one. Martin was instrumental in educating us on flavours and put us on our path to creating Minus 33. Their Pop Up Cocktail Kitchen, famous for their work at Pitt Street and weddings across the country is serving up a delicious Minus 33 Rose Lemonade.

Harry’s Bar Pop Up @ Impact Festival Gardens
If you've been to their west end venue you'll know that this social enterprise bar means you can drink well while you do good. They’ve set a pop up in the shadows of the castle, in a cemetery of all places! Just opposite the Waldorf at the bottom of Lothian road, it’s a new venue but it’s sure to be lively.

And that concludes our list. Unfortunately, we couldn't include all our stockists, but there are some fantastic bars in this beautiful city so wherever you end up, we doubt you'll be disappointed. Make sure to snap your tipples and use #minus33 so we can show you some love back. And if you see our mad scientist founder floundering around the venues make sure he gets you a round in.

*Exit Stage Left.*

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