LoCa Timeline


Hi! I'm Sam, and this is the Minus 33 Story 

(in fast forward!)


I couldn't get a job, so I decided to create my own...


Several nocturnal months passed experimenting, distilling, and tasting in an unofficial laboratory with my companion Cory.

Minus 33 is born!

What we discovered was a 33% ABV spirit, with 46 calories per serve. We had made something truly revolutionary... 
Minus 33 was soon ranked 19th in the top 50 Global Spirits Innovation
I was honorably placed 6th in Scotland's top '40 under 40' business innovators


4 years flew by! I participated in countless events and pop up bars in the Edinburgh Festival. 

It was time to expand LoCa  Bev and the Minus 33 range...



We launched 2 new flavoured spirits; Rose & Peony and Passionfruit & Mango
All hail the LoCa Bev Triple! 



And to think this is only the beginning!


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