Low Calorie

Bold in Flavour - Light on Calories

The aim was simple, we set out to create a naturally smooth, great tasting, low calorie spirit that didn't compromise on quality and flavour and following a process of careful experimentation, we found that when we reduced the alcohol level by 33%, customers actually preferred the taste.

After fat, alcohol is the second most dense form of consumable energy and many producers add processed sugars to spirits until they achieve a smoothness that counteracts the burning taste of alcohol. We knew there had to be a better way and so Minus 33 was born.

The Minus 33 recipe removes the use of refined sugars in favour of naturally sweet, naturally low calorie botanicals such as liquorice root and adopts a delicate distillation process to retain smoothness. The end result is a juniper infused spirit with around one third less calories than many of the other household gin brands. This slightly reduced percentage of alcohol means it’s not gin as we know it but we believe it’s something better.

Take a look at how we created Minus 33 or just go and treat yourself!


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