LoCa Timeline



I didn’t get the results I wanted and struggled to get a job with the credit crunch, what was my next step? Decided to invest in booze!

2015 - Introductory to gin:

First taste of a decent gin was a gin martini with James at 56 North and was hooked - cheers to gin!

2015 February - Entering the lab: 

Secretly sneaking into the mystery distillery lab at 6pm and coming out at 6am with my wacky professor companion, Cory Mason, who gave me plenty of spirit! 

2015 - Challenging taste testers: 

After creating over 50 recipes each noctorual week, we brought these to expert panelists to find the recipe and best taste. Citrus and floral flavours took the victory.

2015 - Minus 33's launch:

I found 33% was the most popular ABV (alcohol by volume), which meant the unique selling point is a low calorie spirit.

2015 - Minus 33’s launch: 

Scaling up Minus 33...

2015 - Awards: 

  • 6th in Scotland’s 40 under 40
  • 19th in the top 50 Global Spirit Innovation 

2015-2019 - Key events:

  • BBC Good Food, Birmingham (2015) 
  • Edinburgh Juniper Gin Festival (2017 & 2018)
  • Edinburgh marathon gin station (2018) 
  • Fringe pop up at Rag & Bone Barbershop (2018) 
  • Fringe pop up at Thomas J. Walls (2019)

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