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Why you should be drinking Minus 33

We’re amid a turbulent time as a nation, but one thing that is on everyone’s minds right now is health. Today over 50% of Brits are classed as obese, and it is a challenge the UK government is keen to tackle. With calorie counting being hailed as the way to drop pounds, people are becoming more aware of what exactly is in their food. Sugar, whilst making food taste great, is one of the biggest offenders for contributing ‘empty calories’ to a person’s diet. When sugar is removed from food or drink, the calorie count drops. To help in the fight against obesity food and drink companies must provide an alternative product with a much lower sugar level. Minus 33 is already doing this.


Since its first inception in 2014, Minus 33 has been a brand of the future. The founder, Sam, spotted the gap in the market – a distilled spirit with no added sugar – and built upon it. The name, Minus 33, is indicative of the spirit’s lower ABV, 33%. Because a traditional gin needs to have a minimum of 37.5% ABV, the spirit isn’t a gin, however with its flagship juniper based drink it can hold its own against any mainstream G&T. As the Daily Mail put it, Minus 33 is a ‘low calorie “gin” with a twist’. With no added sugar in any of the formulas, a single serve will put you back by no more than 48 calories. It’s more important than ever to know precisely what we’re putting into our bodies, and with all natural ingredients consumers can be safe in this knowledge when drinking Minus 33.


In the last couple of years the flavoured gin sector has become increasingly popular, with customers wanting a fruity alternative to the traditional gins. Sam spotted this trend and earlier this year Minus 33 launched their own alternatives to ever popular flavoured gins. The rose & peony flavour serves as a refreshing alternative to super sweet pink gin, with all the flavour but none of the sugar; and the passionfruit & mango offers a fresh, fruity perfect serve.


Herald Scotland wrote, ‘mouth wateringly smooth, you wouldn’t believe they’re sugar free!’, which sums up our brand brilliantly. Using naturally sweet botanicals, this fantastic gin alternative could save gin lovers up to 600 calories per bottle. With the government’s push for people to consider more carefully the calories they are consuming, Minus 33 may just be the way forward. Next time you reach for a G&T in the sunshine, choose Minus 33 instead – you won’t be disappointed!

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